This month in Allure: Fergie’s weight loss secrets

By in July 10, 2009 • Filed in: News and rumors

Touring to support her solo album and her work with the Black Eyed Peas has kept Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson in excellent shape in recent years – each stage performance is a high impact workout . But when she needed to put on weight for her upcoming movie Nine the star told Allure Magazine that she and co-star Penelope Cruz went a little overboard. They ate foods that were “fried and full of fat. We were eating our brains out.”So how did she lose the 17 pounds she gained for her movie role? In the July cover story, Fergie admitted getting back to her touring weight took was a gradual process that took a little help. She enlisted the aid of husband Josh Duhamel’s personal trainer. “I didn’t want to be told what to do,” she said, “and I wasn’t mentally ready to crack the whip.”Her daily routine consisted of two-hours of training that incorporated weight-lifting, jumping rope, and hiking. The grueling sessions got her back into shape, which she’s currently showing off on tour in support of the Black Eyed Peas’ new release, The E.N.D.You can read more about Fegie and her transformation in the July issue of Allure, on newsstands now. [Source]

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