Obama and Fergie: That’s How They Roll

By in April 14, 2009 • Filed in: News and rumors

Your Gaggler fondly remembers those days during the Bush administration when the token celebrities around the White House would be people like Bo Derek and that lady from Everybody Loves Raymond. (For the record, we didn’t love Raymond.) But alas, the days of C-list celebrity sightings are…ok, they probably aren’t over yet. But with Barack Obama in residence, the White House looks like it’s going to attract some legitimate tabloid bait. Last night, the White House announced its surprise headliners for today’s Easter egg roll on the South Lawn. First of all, we can’t remember entertainment at any of these past egg soirees, unless you count watching President Bush goof around with a guy in a giant bunny suit. But this is an administration about change, and today, the kids will be rolling their eggs to… Fergie. Yes, that Fergie. The pop diva

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