may 26th, 2008: Acrobatic Fergie’s eye-watering cartwheel in the world’s tightest leather trousers

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For most people, singing live on national TV is nerve-wracking enough. However not for singer Fergie who is so at ease with performing she can do it upside-down and on one hand. Clad in uncompromising tight black leather trousers, the pop star stunned the audience during the recording of the ‘Today’ show in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, with her impressive gymnastic skills.Fergie was performing the Heart song ‘Barracuda’ when she adeptly turned her body 180 degrees in the air and positioned one hand on the ground to carry her full body weight. Her other hand was used to clutch on to her microphone.The singer, real name Stacey Ferguson, proceeded with three more one-armed cartwheels for good measure.

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