May 06th, 2008: SunFest Diary: Fergie Gets The Party Rocking…Too Late

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“Fergielicious,” just like the fabulously cut Fergie sings in her signature hit, made the boys – and girls – at SunFest go loco. Keeping time with the erstwhile Stacy Ann Ferguson and her collection of dancers and grooving band members, the crowd at the WaMu Stage raised their arms and moved their hips in rhythmic joy and anticipation of the party that had just started and was sure to ignite further.Too bad that was the last song.Throughout her set, Fergie displayed all the appeal – and more – that’s catapulted her from Black Eyed Pea girlie singer to bonafide ab-tastic cultural icon. She’s got the hits – “London Bridge,” the gorgeously retro “Clumsy,” the emotionally naked and vocally impressive “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and others. She’s got dreamy blond tresses that moved in the post-rain shower wind as if Mother Nature was her personal special effects chief and a ridiculously muscular and curvy physique, a strong, clear singing voice and solid dance skills. Unfortunately none of that good conquered a weirdly uneven set list, jumbling exciting, upbeat numbers together with stagnant ones, making the energy swell promisingly and then flag disappointingly over and over again.

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