March 26th, 2008: The Fergie Baby Talk Continues

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There have been numerous reports of Fergie being pregnant and then Fergie not being pregnant.Her mother AND her publicist have steadily denied the reports all along. Even when pictures come out showing what looks to be an obvious baby bump, everyone denies a pregnancy. Josh Duhamel – the fiance’ of the Black Eyed Peas singer – says she is not pregnant. So, if she is not pregnant, why did she wear a flesh colored slimming tank top under her performing outfit this weekend in Las Vegas? The very fit and active Fergie has always been slim and active…why would she need slimming tanks under her wardrobe?And why deny and then hide it if you are pregnant? Does she think it will hurt her album sales or something? And she is engaged to a hunk of a guy who would probably marry her tomorrow if they could arrange it, so why the big fuss? After this, she will probably be hounded by photogs

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