Fergie Interview

By in October 28, 2008 • Filed in: News and rumors

In just a few short weeks she’ll be taking to the stage in Dubai’s Festival City, but always the first with our finger on the celebrity pulse, AhlanLive.com caught up with the Glamorous Fergie for an exclusive chat about everything from diets to duets… It’s 10.30am in Dubai, but in London-town where Fergie (aka Stacy Ferguson), is filming her latest film, musical Nine, it’s just gone 7.30am and AhlanLive.com has woken up The Dutchess for a natter…Good morning Fergie, have we woken you?No, no it’s only about 7.30am but I’m up, you know I gotta do these things sometimes.So how’s London?Great. I’m filming the movie Nine, it’s a musical by ROB MARSHALL and NICOLE KIDMAN’s in it, um, KATE HUDSON, DANIEL DAY LEWIS, so it’s really great to be a part of that.And after London you’ll be heading to Dubai, is it going to be Fergalicious?Yeah! I’m so excited to come back and see what else has been done. The growth that’s going on there is amazingly fast and beautifully done.

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