Fergie: ‘I Ate Everything in Sight to Prepare For Nine’

By in December 24, 2009 • Filed in: News and rumors

FERGIE says she gained “more than a few pounds” to prepare for her role in the musical movie Nine.

The Black Eyed Peas star says she ate “everything in sight” in order to make her character look more authentic.

“I did gain more than a few pounds to get that curvy Italian look,” the star told Parade magazine. “My approach was just to eat everything in sight, from burgers and fries to big plates of French cheese and, of course, pasta.

“I also skipped the gym. I guess you could say I wasn’t very health conscious, but it was great not to worry about your cholesterol. Now, maybe I should since I’m still losing weight.”  

Fergie — who’s married to Transformers star Josh Duhamel — says she’ll never be a method actress.

“I’m pretty good about not taking my character off the set,” she said. “We’d get off work and we would go hang out. We went to the Madonna concert after one of our workdays.

“But maybe I’m not as committed to staying in character as Daniel Day-Lewis, who sort of was always immersed in his role of Guido, even when we weren’t filming. He sent me little notes, saying things like, ‘Great job. Love, Guido.’ I was Saraghina when the cameras were rolling and then I kind of left it there.”  [Source]

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