Fergie Brags About Josh Duhamel…Before Stripper Scandal

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In the new issue of Cosmopolitan, Fergie (34), who co-stars in the upcoming film “Nine,” reveals that husband Josh Duhamel (36) likes when she has a little extra meat on her bones, which she had recently when she had to gain weight for the film. Of course, this interview was conducted before the story broke that Duhamel had possibly cheated on her with an Atlanta stripper. (Both Fergie and Duhamel have dismissed the story as nonsense.)
Speaking to Cosmopolitan for its upcoming December issue, Fergie revealed, “When I came home from filming he was excited. He enjoys having both: the extra meat to grab when it’s there and the tight stomach when that’s there.”
We’re sure Fergie‘s revelation – that her husband doesn’t mind her a few pounds heavier – will go a long way towards getting people to stop talking about the much more scandalous issue of whether or not Josh is having sex with strippers. Absolutely. 
In the interview, Fergie hints (and by that we mean, isn’t subtle at all) that sex-wise, things are pretty fantastic between her and Duhamel. Says the singer, “You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe that there are two types of women: the Madonna and the whore. And me? I’m both.”

Clearly intent on putting on a united front, Fergie and Duhamel recently stepped out for dinner at Atlanta restaurant Chops, ironically located next to the place where Duhamel’s affair allegedly took place. The couple dined on steak and lobster, and were said to look super snuggly over dinner. Duhamel’s rep has dismissed the stripper’s claims, pointing to the fact that she received a huge sum of money to sell her story. Still, the stripper is said to have passed a polygraph test.

We hope for Josh’s sake he didn’t do it. We’re not sure he’d be able to bounce back from pissing off the Madonna and the whore waiting for him at home…  [Source]

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