Fergie and Duhamel ‘on the rocks’

By in August 2, 2009 • Filed in: News and rumors

Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel are rumoured to be having marital problems only six months after tying the knot.

While Duhamel is believed to be eager for them to settle down and have children, the Black Eyed Peas singer is apparently reluctant to give up her party lifestyle.

A friend told the National Enquirer: “[They’re] clashing night and day and they’re desperately trying to get a handle on their problems. Publicly, they’ve painted a picture of sheer bliss, but behind the scenes, cracks in their young marriage are beginning to show.”

The insider continued: “[Josh] is a traditional guy, and he wants a family. Fergie doesn’t seem capable of slowing down long enough to really consider children. She’s the toast of the music world… and has an incredibly hectic schedule touring, recording and performing.”

The source added: “She’s a major partier. Fergie is completely caught up in being a rock star… Josh is still madly in love with her, and she loves him. But Josh wants Fergie to grow up.”

The Transformers actor recently told Woman’s Health magazine: “It amazes me that [Fergie]chose me.” [Source]

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