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Staff / December 9th, 2016

Fergie reveals her long-awaited second solo album “Double Dutchess” is due out in January. The “M.I.L.F. $” hitmaker admits she has already filmed three accompanying music videos for her upcoming release.

“I’m hoping for ASAP. As soon as possible, I’m going for January, that’s when I’m trying,” she told Music Choice. “But first to the year, first couple months, I’m hoping for January. You know everyone’s gotta do the holiday thing and all that but, I’m ready. Ready to let this thing into the universe.”

While fans already knew about her “Life Goes On” video shoot, Fergie revealed that she had filmed videos for “A Little Work”, “Just Like You” and “Nothin”. “I have filmed a few things,” she said, “There’s a special for the video and I did this amazing video with Jonas Akerlund and [his] amazing team. It’s for a song called ‘A Little Work’ that is really big and kind of epic.”

“I got to shoot videos in a lot of different places. I have a video that’s shot in Paris for a song called ‘Just Like You’ about an unhealthy relationship. And I got a shoot in London for a video called ‘Nothin’ with Ben Moore. The song is a very super throwback hip-hop to the ’90s,” she added. [Source]

Staff / November 24th, 2016

Fergie a.k.a. Stacy Ferguson opened up about her delayed second studio album “Double Dutchess” in a Facebook Live chat on Tuesday, November 23. The “M.I.L.F. $” hitmaker revealed when her new album would be released.

When asked when her next album’s coming out, Fergie said, “I am so ready for this album to come out you have no idea. I’ve turned it in. It’s done and it’s coming out the beginning of the year.”

The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” songstress then apologized for the delay. Her husband Josh Duhamel revealed back in June that her new record would be released within 10 days and she’s set to go on tour in the beginning of 2017.

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long, to those of you who have been waiting, I just got a kid and a husband and I need sleep and I just really cared about it,” Fergie explained, “But I hope it will be worth it. A lot of it is really autobiographical and, you know, I had four albums with [Black Eyed Peas], but that’s really not the time and place to air out some of my own personal feelings and thoughts and emotions. So my second album is the place for me to do so, so there’s a lot of emotion.”

The 41-year-old singer/songwriter added, “I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into this album and there’s personal stuff, there’s pop stuff, hip-hop stuff, throwback stuff – I always like a little throwback – some reggae, ballads, fun, silly, all of the above. So it’s kind of, I’m going to use the word ‘cornucopia’ again because it’s Thanksgiving time.”

Fergie recently released “Life Goes On”, which serves as a second single off “Double Dutchess”. She shared on Instagram stills and snippets of her upcoming music video. [Source]

Staff / June 22nd, 2016

There is plenty of good news coming out since a few weeks for the fans of Fergie. The former Black Eyed Peas diva is making a comeback and she’s loud about it. She has already set the tone by confirming the release of her second solo album. Everyone, the new Fergie era is about to begin and you’re right here in time to witness it.

It begins with her new promo of upcoming music video “Hungry”. Although her new solo album will be coming later this year, this new music video promo has already set things in motion. One could only imagine how much hype Fergie could possibly get when she eventually releases the lead single from this upcoming album. If she builds the momentum right and finds time to release the single properly, it will definitely help her big deal.

Fergie dropped this promo visual for her new single “Hungry” last week. We have already heard this new song at Rock In Rio when she previewed it live in front of massive crowd. If you were there, you can’t wait to see the promo for the new video. If you weren’t there, then it’s time to give some serious consideration to Fergie this year. She is planning some chart buster songs.

The way this promo is titled on YouTube, it’s obvious that it’s going to be an intro visual to Fergie’s new era and her second solo album. With what I’ve seen so far through this promo visual, it seems a very hopeful new era. I’m sure we all will be listening to a lot of Fergie this year and the next. Now it’s time for the promo. Watch it below. [Source]

Staff / May 25th, 2016

Hot mamas! Fergie reportedly teamed up with fellow celeb moms Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Ciara to film a music video for her upcoming single aptly titled “MILF Money.” (That’s right. MILF, as in “mother I’d like to f–k.”)

According to BreatheHeavy, the video shoot took place earlier this month in Los Angeles. The tune will be featured on the Black Eyed Peas alum’s long-awaited second solo studio album, Double Dutchess, expected to drop later this year.

A source tells the site that Kardashian, 35, Teigen, 30, and Ciara, 30, will star alongside the “Fergalicious” singer, 41, in the visual, which “seems to have colorful elements, including dancers dressed in colorful wigs and gear, as well as a vibrant ‘MILF Shakes’ set in front of a giant green screen.”

BH reports that Kardashian and Teigen’s musician hubbies Kanye West and John Legend were also on set, although it isn’t yet clear if they are participating in the project or not. [Source]

Staff / May 25th, 2016

When Fergie performed at Rock In Rio Festival on 20th May, everyone was expecting something from her. But she still managed to surprise audience as she premiered “You Already Know” – a brand new song that would become part of her first solo album titled “Double Dutchess”. The album is planned for release later this year.

Fergie was expected to deliver a one-hour long performance at the music festival. There was news that she’d be premiering some new music but no one expected her to open her setlist with the new music. She did that and everyone loved it although they were not ready for it. It was one of the best songs that you’ve heard from Fergie.

“You Already Know” has a wonderful old school vibe to it. The song is all about rap and Fergie tells us again that she really knows her stuff. To make things more interesting, Fergie got Nicki Minaj help her with a motivational slogan towards the end of the performance which sounded something like “Make some noise for my girl Fergie Ferg”. Nicki wasn’t there for sure so it must be some sort of recording. But still, Fergie has got the things under her control. It looks like she’s all set for a massive solo career. [Source]

Staff / January 29th, 2016

It was over three years ago that Fergie first announced (read: teased) that she was working on a followup to her critically acclaimed solo debut The Dutchess—which spawned five top-five hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Now, WWD claims that album will drop in March. The site reports that Fergie shot her new album art and she’s set to shoot two new videos, one in Paris on Tuesday and a second in London soon after.

Fergie released “L.A. Love (La La)” back in September 2014—her first single in over half a decade—and its official video in November that same year. Yet her sophomore album seemed no closer to seeing the light of day, to fans’ dismay.

This past summer, Fergie updated fans on the status of the album, saying she was putting the finishing touches on it. As Idolator highlights, Fergie promised a 2015 release date, explaining “I’m getting all of my visuals together, all of my vision boards. Every song has a different character. I get completely into the details of an album… so this year it’s coming. I’m comin’ for ya!”

However, the remainder of 2015 came and went without a new album. Alas.

But as of today (January 25), it seems we may be closer to a Fergie comeback than we thought, thanks to a Japanese music festival announcement. The annual Summer Sonic festival tweeted its official 2016 lineup and, much to our delight, Fergie is slated as one of the headliners, as is Charlie Puth, whom she’s reportedly been working with in the studio.

Could this really be the Fergie comeback we’ve all been waiting for? The other high-profile artists on the docket would seem to suggest so. With names like Radiohead, Weezer, Two Door Cinema Club, and The 1975, Summer Sonic seems as good a place as any for Fergie to finally unleash her bombastic pop takeover. [Source]

Staff / August 16th, 2015

Fergie continues to work on her highly anticipated solo album, and recently went into the studio with rising singer-songwriter Charlie Puth.

Recognise that name? Well he featured on Wiz Khalifa’s massive single ‘See You Again’ earlier this year, and has now been conjuring up some more potential chart magic with the Duchess of Pop.

“I still get to write and produce records for other artists,” Puth told Digital Spy. “I got to work with Fergie – for example – last month, which was so much fun and we made such a cool song.

Asked what the track sounded like, he replied: “Picture ‘My Humps’ 2015. Fergie is so talented, she’s such a genius. My mind was completely blown when I was in the studio with her.”

Fergie recently assured fans that her second solo album is on its way, following the release of her latest single ‘LA Love’ at the tail end of 2014.

Meanwhile, Charlie Puth will release his new track, ‘Marvin Gaye’ featuring Meghan Trainor, in the UK on August 7. [Source]

Staff / July 14th, 2015

Fergie’s comeback album should arrive by the end of the year. That’s the main nugget of information to take away from the Black Eyed Peas diva’s new interview with Mail Online (watch below). “I’m at that place where I need to finish everything,” she says. “I’m getting all of my visuals together, all of my vision boards. Every song has a different character. I get completely into the details of an album… so this year it’s coming. I’m comin’ for ya!”

So, what can we expect from the opus? “It’s about, I believe, seven years of ideas from different parts — from tour to being pregnant to all different aspects of life. Which is weird because The Dutchess was a compilation of seven years worth of songs as well, so it’s kind of, a little bit, meant to be. It’s kind of weird. It’s kind of an omen.” Fergie dropped the album’s lead single “L.A. Love (La La)” last year and promptly landed an international hit. Since then, she has been in the studio with “See You Again” chart-topper Charlie Puth. [Source]

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