Fergie has recorded a ‘My Humps’ for 2015 and it was written by Charlie Puth

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Fergie continues to work on her highly anticipated solo album, and recently went into the studio with rising singer-songwriter Charlie Puth.

Recognise that name? Well he featured on Wiz Khalifa’s massive single ‘See You Again’ earlier this year, and has now been conjuring up some more potential chart magic with the Duchess of Pop.

“I still get to write and produce records for other artists,” Puth told Digital Spy. “I got to work with Fergie – for example – last month, which was so much fun and we made such a cool song.

Asked what the track sounded like, he replied: “Picture ‘My Humps’ 2015. Fergie is so talented, she’s such a genius. My mind was completely blown when I was in the studio with her.”

Fergie recently assured fans that her second solo album is on its way, following the release of her latest single ‘LA Love’ at the tail end of 2014.

Meanwhile, Charlie Puth will release his new track, ‘Marvin Gaye’ featuring Meghan Trainor, in the UK on August 7. [Source]

New Host & Domain

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As you may know, our previous host had to close down. Now, I moved the site to another host, Flaunt Network and the site is ready and online but with a new url www.fergie-web.com so, please, change your bookmarks and don’t miss any updates.

It might be possible that there are some broken links, so if that’s the case please let us know by contacting us.

I just want to say big thanks to Flaunt who made this possible.


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Unfortunately our host is closing so as of Monday August 10th the site will be offline. I will have the site moved to a new url because I can’t keep the domain so, please, join our twitter (http://twitter.com/fergie_web) to get this new url and some news to visit the site in the future. Maybe, the site will be offline some days (2-3) but I will work so hard to have everything ready soon.

New candids of Fergie added!

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I added new candids of Fergie to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie

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Fergie – Gallery Update

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As I promised, I added all the photos missed from 2015. I still need to add some photoshoots, magazine scans and other stuff but you need to wait because I need to order all of those ones. Enjoy!

Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie

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Fergie Is Putting The Finishing Touches On Her Comeback Album, Promises A 2015 Release Date

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Fergie’s comeback album should arrive by the end of the year. That’s the main nugget of information to take away from the Black Eyed Peas diva’s new interview with Mail Online (watch below). “I’m at that place where I need to finish everything,” she says. “I’m getting all of my visuals together, all of my vision boards. Every song has a different character. I get completely into the details of an album… so this year it’s coming. I’m comin’ for ya!”

So, what can we expect from the opus? “It’s about, I believe, seven years of ideas from different parts — from tour to being pregnant to all different aspects of life. Which is weird because The Dutchess was a compilation of seven years worth of songs as well, so it’s kind of, a little bit, meant to be. It’s kind of weird. It’s kind of an omen.” Fergie dropped the album’s lead single “L.A. Love (La La)” last year and promptly landed an international hit. Since then, she has been in the studio with “See You Again” chart-topper Charlie Puth. [Source]

So sorry and big updates!

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First of all, I am so sorry for don’t update the site before. I am sick and I can’t be online as much as I want, sorry. Anyway, this update is to let you know that I am going to add tons of photos to the gallery this week. I will try to start today but I need to check almost 3000 photos so, please, be patient and visit the gallery to take a look to the new adds. Thanks for understanding.

Fergie on Her Latina Heritage: “I’m Hispanic, but You Wouldn’t Necessarily Know It”

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It’s been a little while since Fergie released her first album (10 years to be exact!), but the singer and wife to actor Josh Duhamel is ready to jump back on the stage. In an interview in the Summer 2015 issue of Glam Belleza Latina, Fergie gets candid on her new sound, weight-loss efforts after her pregnancy with son Axl (now 1 year old), and her Latina background, saying “I’m very proud to be part Mexican.” Keep scrolling to see the singer’s must-read quotes, then relive Fergie and Josh’s recent beach vacation.

  • On her Hispanic heritage: “I’m very proud to be part Mexican. I’m one of a growing number of Hispanics in America, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. This is becoming the norm, and it’s the beauty of our melting pot.”
  • On getting fit after having her son, Axl: “After my pregnancy I took private dance classes for months to get movement back into my body. We built a dance studio in our house — it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself! I didn’t want to be awkward and embarrassed in front of people, so I worked the kinks out at home.”
  • On what we can expect from her new music: “I see the world through Axl’s eyes, so it’s all about good times and good vibes. With all the negativity in the world, I want to do something positive.”
  • On her new fragrance, Outspoken Fresh: “Scent is exciting — it’s like wearing a whole new outfit. Everything Axl likes is colorful, so I knew the bottle needed to be aqua with a pop of orange.”
  • On her Latin beauty icon: “One of my beauty idols was Selena [Quintanilla], who had the most beautiful lips. I overline my lips a bit — I completely admit it. I really like the look!” [Source]